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Blake Shelton Just Raided A Target Store For His Favorite New Music

Modern country Songs | Blake Shelton Just Raided A Target Store For His Favorite New Music | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Powers Imagery/Al Powers/Invision/AP

When Blake Shelton's relationship with Gwen Stefani was confirmed last fall, there were rumors circulating that their upcoming albums would feature duets by the couple. Although that's not the case, we can say that Shelton is loving his girlfriend's newest album!

"I am freaking out!!!" he writes in a tweet to Stefani. "Congratulations @gwenstefani!!!!"




In his tweet he's also included a photo of his lady's newest album at the top of the iTunes chart, which is no small feat! Stefani's newest album has been a big hit with many of her longtime fans and has attracted a new crowd since she finished coaching on The Voice last season with Shelton. 

"This Is What The Truth Feels Like" launched on March 18th, 2016 with her latest hit singles included alongside a bevy of other music that fans are sure to love. The 46-year-old singer/songwriter already confessed that one of her songs is about her co-star and boyfriend, but there's reason to believe others might be targeting Shelton too. 



In another one of Shelton's tweets he already has found a favorite song from her newest project and her revealing follow up gives us an idea what it means...



"Rare" is a track that goes on describing how precious and valuable someone is to the singer, calling that person "a sapphire" and saying that they are "[her] answer, one that no one knows"

The song gets deeper into whats assumed to be the relationship between Shelton and Stefani when she writes:

"You're rare/And I'm loving every second of it, don't you know?
You're rare/And only a stupid girl would let you go.
You're so good and you don't even know it."

The songstress continues on her journey of describing how much this person means to her and exposes insecurities with the second verse. 

"I feel worthless, I've been hurt so bad/ I get nervous you won't love me back."

But is this all really about Shelton? The answer is likely going to be a yes if we take her word for it. 



So, what do y'all think of this romantic album serenade? Have you purchased her new album yet? 

Check out Stefani's music video below for "Make Me Like You" (which is definitely about Blake)!

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