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Steamy Scandal Erupts In New Music Video

Modern country Songs | Steamy Scandal Erupts In New Music Video | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: VEVO via Dierks Bentley

Following a strong lead in the upbeat, happy-go-lucky, party-mood country scene, Dierks Bentley makes a strong departure toward a darker, sexier theme with his new album, Black

Part one of a four-part-series, the video for "I'll Be The Moon" is a sultry, provocative, and risque showing of the tumultuous relationship illustrated in the song. 

Trailing through the twists and turns of a relationship, it shows you the darker side of one half of a relationship that is distracted and engrossed in someone other than their partner. 

The video shows a woman who kisses her husband goodbye before sending a message to her boyfriend and meeting up with him. They spend the night together as Dierks sings the part of the boyfriend highlighting the line "He can be the sun, I'll be the moon" expressing that she goes to bed with him, but wakes up with her husband and playing on the idea that they only meet at night due to the secrecy of their relationship. 

The circumstances of the relationship weigh incredibly heavy on the boyfriend who, by the end, cannot handle the torrid affair and reaches out to his lover, begging her to choose him. 

Black is Dierks' eighth studio album and will debut on May 27th, 2016. "I'll Be The Moon" was issued as the second single from the album. The singer describes the album as a "relationship record" with 13 songs centered around love and the effects love has on our life - be that good or bad. 

Watch this incredibly powerful and expressive video below, but prepare yourself for a cliffhanging ending! 

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