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'Mayday' Music Video Ends In A Watery Grave

'Mayday' Music Video Ends In A Watery Grave | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: VEVO via Cam

The curly blonde bombshell we have all come to adore is bringing an ages-old story to life with her latest video. 

One of the newer superstars to the country scene, Cam quickly earned herself a Grammy nomination for her hit debut single, "Burning House". Just months later, she's back at it again with the second single from Untamed, "Mayday"

The song traipses through the tumultuous and dragging feeling of a relationship headed toward a breakup. With lines expressing the heartbreaking disaster of trying to figure out how to end it, she calls the relationship a "sinking ship". 

Her illustrative lyrics and impressive vocals bring the idea of this trapped relationship to life, exclaiming her need to break free - saying, "mayday, mayday, this is an emergency"

In the video, Cam appears as a character based on Amelia Earhart - breaking away from stereotypes and forging her own path forward, and inspiring a young girl in the process. 

"I'm a 1930s lady pilot. I take off and it's not a flight that ends well, and that's where 'Mayday' comes back in. The plane crashes, I sink, pieces of plane sink..." She tells People

The music video is very well done and definitely embodies the ideas she was going forward. Easy on the eyes, the film stays true to the era and plays out the happenings of this "1930s lady pilot" in good taste. 

Watch Cam's latest music video below and let us know what you think in the comments! 

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