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George Strait and His Son, Bubba Strait Wow With "Arkansas Dave" Performance

George strait Songs | George Strait and His Son, Bubba Strait Wow With

What's better than one Strait? Two! George Strait is used to teaming up with his son, Bubba, but mostly as a songwriter.  Clad in plaid, cowboy hats, and strumming their black guitars, Bubba joined his dad, on stage this time, to perform the song "Arkansas Dave.

Bubba wrote the song for George's album, Twang, which was released in August of 2009. He and George co-wrote three of the tracks together, including the lead-off single "Living for the Night.

The performance was filmed for the CMT special "George Strait: The Cowboy Rides Away" at his final live performance in Dallas, Texas.  The special also includes duets from the likes of Kenny Chesney, Sheryl Crow, Eric Church, and many more! 

You can tell how much these two like performing together and how great their relationship is when George asks his son, "How'd I do, Bubba? Did I do alright?" His response? "I think you got all the words right!" We are starting to love Bubba just as much as we love George! 

Watch their amazing performance below to see what we're talking about! 


He rode up on a winter day
Steam rising off a streak faced bay
Said, you probably know my name
If you don't it's Arkansas Dave

He talked of fifteen years ago
And how he got the bay he rode
Said, he killed a man in Ohio
First man he killed, first horse he stole

It was a long road for Arkansas Dave
He shot and left him where he lay
Said, he'd never forget that winter day
He rode off on a streak faced bay

I stood up and I shook his hand
Told no one that I knew this man
Started thinking of a plan
'Bout how I'd deal him his last hand

Didn't take him long to come unwound
He jumped up and gunned two men down
Ran outside to leave the town
But ol' bay was nowhere to be found

I hid out with my 44
And when he walked back through the door
I shot till I could shoot no more
And Dave Rudabaugh fell to the floor

It was the end of the road for Arkansas Dave
I shot and left him where he lay
I'll never forget that winter day
I rode off on the streak faced bay

No, I'll never forget that winter day
I rode home on daddy's streak faced bay

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