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Blake Shelton Sings "Ol' Red" at Live Concert to Support our Veterans

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The ever generous Blake Shelton put on a concert in support of our nation's veterans, singing hits like "Hillbilly Bone", "Nobody But Me", "Home", "Doin' What She Likes", "Drink On It", and several others. He especially wanted to play some songs from early in his career, which is why he went with both "Ol' Red" and "Austin".

"Ol' Red" was actually first recorded by George Jones and it was also covered by Kenny Rogers. Though neither of them released it as a single,  Blake came along and released it in 2002 on his self-title debut album. Blake's rendition rocketed to the #1 spot on the Billboard charts.

This song is a narrative about a man in prison (because he killed the man that his wife was having an affair with), who wins over the warden, which in return, lets the prisoner spend his days taking care of Ol' Red, the prison bloodhound. The man introduces the dog to a pretty little bluetick coonhound and then he keeps them away for a few days until "the time got right". So, when the man made a break for it, the bloodhound went for the bluetick coonhound, instead of the escaped prisoner, cueing the line love got me in here, and love got me out.

Blake's performance at the Live Concert To Support Our Veterans was fantastic! But what's new? Blake's charm and personality ooze into his performances and the rest is history.


Well I caught my wife with another man
And it cost me ninety nine
On a prison farm in Georgia
Close to the Florida line
Well I'd been here for two long years
I finally made the warden my friend
And so he sentenced me to a life of ease
Taking care of Ol Red

Now Ol' Red he's the damnedest dog that I've ever seen
Got a nose that can smell a two day trail
He's a four legged tracking machine
You can consider yourself mighty lucky
To get past the gators and the quicksand beds
But all these years that I've been here
Ain't nobody got past Red

And the warden sang
Come on somebody
Why don't you run
Ol' Red's itchin' to have a little fun
Get my lantern
Get my gun
Red'll have you treed before the mornin' comes

Well I paid off the guard and I slipped out a letter
To my cousin up in Tennessee
Oh and he brought down a blue tick hound
She was pretty as she could be
Well they penned her up in the swampland
'Bout a mile just south of the gate
And I'd take Ol' Red for his evening run
I'd just drop him off and wait

And the warden sang
Come on somebody
Why don't you run
Ol' Red's itchin' to have a little fun
Get my lantern
Get my gun
Red'll have you treed before the mornin' comes

Now Ol' Red got real used to seeing
His lady every night
And so I kept him away for three or four days
And waited till the time got right
Well I made my run with the evenin' sun
And I smiled when I heard 'em let Red out
'Cause I was headed north to Tennessee
And Ol' Red was headed south

Now there's red haired blue ticks all in the South
Love got me in here and love got me out

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