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Alan Jackson - Revenooer Man (VIDEO)

Alan jackson Songs | Alan Jackson - Revenooer Man (VIDEO) | Country Music Videos

Even George Jones would be impressed with Alan Jackson's cover of his song "Revenooer Man".

Originally sung by George Jones in 1963, "Revenooer Man" was covered by Alan Jackson in 1999, and released on his album Under the Influence. The album was a compilation of classic country songs that Alan both favored, and felt inspired by. The songs on the album were handpicked by Alan, and for the most part, were less covered country classics. By going in that direction, the album had a more genuine feel. 

The song "Revenooer Man" tells a story about a man on a mission. Determined to find moonshiners, the revenooer man heads to the hills in North Carolina, eager and ready. After searching the small town, he finds what he was looking for and prepares himself by saying, "I'm a revenooer man. I got a badge in my pocket, and a gun on my hip". The story ends with the moonshiners scattering at the sight of the revenooer man, as he had assumed they would. His final words were, "Yeah, I'm the revenooer man, and I'll get 'em if I can...". We hope you got them, revenooer man! 

This album shows Alan Jackson's true talent, while also paying tribute to the artists that have inspired him along the way. 

Check out Alan Jackson's rendition of "Revenooer Man", and you'll be glad you did! 

 +++++++++++LYRICS BELOW+++++++++++

Well, I was sent to a place in North Carolina
To check up on a moonshine still
When I got there to my surprise 
I could see a little light on the hill
Well, the fire was glowing and really I was knowing
I was really hot on the track
But in D.C. they said it couldn't' be
But I'll be the one to bring 'em back

'Cause I'm a revenooer man
Hey, I'm a revenooer man
I got a badge in my pocket
And a gun on my hip
And them moonshiners
Better never make a slip
'Cause I'm a revenooer man
Yeah, I'll get 'em if I can

Well, the moon was shining bright
As I looked down the river
I noticed on the side of the hill
I can see a red light that was glowing bright
I knew it had to be a still
Well, the people down the road said it wasn't far
But I better know someone
'Cause when the moonshiners know I carry a star
I'll bet my bottom dollar I'll have 'em on the run

'Cause I'm a revenooer man
Yeah, I'm a revenooer man
I got a badge in my pocket
And a gun on my hip
Them moonshiners better never make a slip
'Cause I'm a revenooer man
Yeah, I'll get 'em if I can

Well, when I got back the woods were bare
Must've knew I was on my way
Well, I heard the branches shatter
And they started to scatter
I heard two or three of them say
It's the revenooer man
It's revenooer man
He's got a big 45 and loads to fill
Dragging and shagging to another hill
It's the revenooer man
And he'll get us if he can

Yeah, I'm the revenooer man
And I'll get 'em if I can...

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