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Conway Twitty - Is A Bluebird Blue? (VIDEO)

Conway twitty Songs | Conway Twitty - Is A Bluebird Blue? (VIDEO) | Country Music Videos

"Is A Bluebird Blue?" was a Conway Twitty track released in 1960. The song hit the airwaves during an unfortunate period of time for the singer. Conway Twitty's rock and roll career had surprisingly skyrocketed during the 1950's, and sadly disappeared just as fast. 

In 1943, when he was 10 years old, Conway joined his first group called the Phillips Country Ramblers, who occasionally performed for the local radio. Deeply inspired by Elvis, the budding star went on to write and record a large repertoire of pop hits during the 1950's. Shortly after the release of "Is A Bluebird Blue?" Conway is put in touch with producer Ray Price who helps make Conway's tune "Walk Me to the Door" country Top Ten in 1961. From this time on, Conway pursued a career in singing strictly country, and is one of the most well-known, and adventurous ballad-belters to perform in Nashville during the 1960's and 70's.

+++++++++++++++++++ LYRICS BELOW +++++++++++++++++++
Well, me and my girl went out the other night
Down lover's lane we were walkin'
She said, "Aw honey child, do you love me?"
Right away I started talkin',
"Is a blue bird blue? Has a cat got a tail?
Mmmm, if a blue bird's blue, well then honey, I love you. "

Well. I held her close and kissed her
Then I looked in those big green eyes
She said, "I hear boy that you love me! ґ
I said, "I wouldn't be at all surprised.
Is a blue bird blue? Can a big wheel roll?
Mmmm, if a blue bird's blue, then honey, I love you. "

Well, she finally believed my story
Said, "Baby I understand.
Well, now Iґm gonna be your little lovin' girl
And you'll be my big lovin' man.
Is a blue bird blue? Ahh, has a bear got hair?
Mmmm, if a blue bird's blue, well honey, I love you. "

Ahhh, is a blue bird blue, baby?
Ah, tell me honey, has a bear got hair?
Oooh, can a big wheel roll?...
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