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George Jones - We Can Make It (WATCH)

Tammy wynette Songs | George Jones - We Can Make It (WATCH) | Country Music Videos

Plenty of folks out there are very fond of the hits that George Jones and Tammy Wynette released throughout the the late 1960's and 70's, but a lot of people might not realize what was going on behind the scenes. "We Can Make It" was George's first solo single for Epic Records, and was a celebration of his new marriage to Tammy. But the celebration would be short-lived, as George's addictions began to affect his relationship with Tammy.

"We Can Make It" was written by Sherrill and Glenn Sutton and was released again as a duet, following the success of Tammy and George's first duet "The Ceremony". Sadly, by this point the couple's relationship was fodder for the tabloids. George's escalating alcoholism and their public brawls were a stark contrast to the message in these early duets.  

In the mid-70's, the songs were becoming more true to the reality of the country couple's failing marriage. George wrote hits "The Door" and "These Days (I Barely Get By)" at this time. Two days after he wrote "These Days", Tammy walked out on George.

Despite the unfortunate attributes to George Jones' later life, we love how honest his songs always remained. He only knew how to write songs one way- from the heart.

+++++++++++++++++++++ LYRICS BELOW +++++++++++++++++++++
We can make it.
The world is rough but we can take it
'Cause you're my shelter from the storm now
I don't need wine to keep me warm now.

No temptation
Can ever shake our loves foundation
We're strong enough to take it
We can make it.

Now we'll say
Goodbye to stormy weather
Safe within each others arms
We can spend our lives together.

Love has found us
And now it's chain is wrapped all around us
And no one can break it
We can make it.

Love has found us
And now it's chain is wrapped all around us
And no one can break it
We can make it.

We can make it...
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