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Conway Twitty - The Third Man

Conway twitty Songs | Conway Twitty - The Third Man | Country Music Videos
This powerful song is performed by Conway Twitty, and appears on his 1973 album titled, "Who Will Pray For Me".

Every word Conway sings is glorious, and we can't help but linger on the true depth and meaning of his very religious lyrics.

Conway sings:

"I saw upon three crosses, three men in agony; two, cried out for mercy, and a third man, He looked at me. Oh, the hurt in this man's eyes, it just broke my heart in two! It seemed I could hear him say, 'Son, I'm doing this for you.'"

The overall mood of this song is very contemplative, as Conway talks about a realistic dream he dreamt, and it's absolutely beautiful.

There will never be another to fill Conway's big shoes, and that's how we like it.

Conway's shaky, emotional voice will have you captivated from start to finish, as he recounts seeing "the third man."

Conway ends this beautiful ballad with, "My eyes were wet where I had cried. I can still hear the third man say, 'I'm doing this for you.'"

Rest in peace Conway Twitty. The world will never know another like you.


Last night I dreamed I took a walk up Calvary's lonely hill
The things I saw with my own eyes could not have been more real
I saw upon three crosses three men in agony
Two cried out for mercy and the third man he looked at me
And oh the hurt in this man's eyes that just broke my heart in two
It seemed I could hear him say son I'm doing this for you
I knelt beneath the third mean's cross and slowly bowed my head
I reached out to touch his feet and it stained my hand's with red
And when I heard him cry in pain I raised my eyes to see
The blood spilled from the third man's side and some of it spilled on me
The third man wore a crown of thorns spikes held him to the tree
And I heard him say oh my God my God why hast Thou forsaken me
And there within a mighty crowd the ones who mocked him cried
King save Thyself if thou art King and then the third man died
Suddenly I heard the thunder roll I saw the lightening pierce the sky
The third man was still hanging there and I began to cry
I saw the boulders fall and heard the breaking of the ground
Then I awoke and though I dreamed I touched my cheek and found
My eyes were wet where I had cried a dream I wished I knew
I still can hear the third man say I'm doing this for you

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