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Blake Shelton - All Over Me (VIDEO)

Blake shelton Songs | Blake Shelton - All Over Me (VIDEO) | Country Music Videos

Blake Shelton never lets us down! He has done it once again, and captured our hearts (and ears) with his romantic song, "All Of Me". 

In 2001, before Blake Shelton was a household name, he released his very first album, Blake Shelton. On that album was his second single, "All Of Me", and of course, the album was a hit! Although the song peaked at #18 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart, the album hit #4 and has been certified gold. Since the very beginning, Blake has not let us down! 

The song tells a sad tale about a man who lost his love because he didn't give her the attention she deserved. Whenever she showed him affection he would pull away so no one would see. Since then, he realized he was wrong and in hopes of getting her back he says, "And to prove that I love her / I'd crawl on my knees for the whole world to see". Unfortunately it was too late for him, and she's moved on. 

Blake's powerful singing and soothing voice capture us from the very first line. We are always impressed with Blake Shelton, and this song is no different! 

Check out the video to hear one of Blake Shelton's first songs, "All Of Me", and you won't be let down! 


There was a time
I really used to care about what others thought
And the way they talk
In a crowd
I used to pull away when she would kiss my face
And touch my hair
She didn't care who saw

She was all over me
And I used to let it get all over me
And now to prove that I love her
I'd crawl on my knees for the whole world to see
Now that she's all over me

The sky is blue
But from where I stand in the middle of this heartache
It sure looks gray
All alone
What I wouldn't give if I could feel
The familiar touch of her love holding me again

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