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Conway Twitty - By Heart (WATCH)

Conway twitty Songs | Conway Twitty - By Heart (WATCH) | Country Music Videos

Recorcded in 1984, "By Heart" is late Conway Twitty at his finest. The 1980's were a time of maturity for Conway's music. By this point, he had achieved success in the country, pop, R&B, and rock genres, and had developed a signature sound that traversed all of them.

"By Heart" is a touching ballad about the narrator's lover who took a chance long ago deciding to be with him, and now he is looking back and reflecting on what a deep relationship they have. This is a song about the beauty of familiarity and knowing all the little details about someone, and how this is one of the greatest things to have happened to him.

This is a beautiful song... listen below!

+++++++++++++++++++ LYRICS BELOW +++++++++++++++++++

Her face reflects as much of me as any mirror can
And my image in her eyes is all I know of who I am
But even as I see myself the lines begin to blur
For who I am has long been tied and tangled up in her.

And it isn't luck or chance she can read me at a glance
Not just because she's clever and she's smart
No, it's just by now she knows my heart
By heart.

It seems like it's been centuries since she and I began
And both of us took all our chances on a single hand
Though we took it day to day it's gone from year to year
And no one ever close to me was ever half as near.

And it isn't any trick or because her mind is quick
She reaches my conclusions as I start
No, it's just by now she knows my heart
By heart.

And amazing as it seems she brings magic to my dreams
Not just because she's mastered magic's art
No, it's just by now she knows my heart
By heart.

She knows my heart...

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