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Alabama's Tribute to Merle Haggard

Merle haggard Songs | Alabama's Tribute to Merle Haggard | Country Music Videos

What a heartfelt tribute from Alabama to the legendary Merle Haggard! It is amazing to see a group of talented artists pay tribute to their country music inspiration, no matter how famous they have become themselves. 

The group recorded a cover of Merle's hit song, "Sing Me Back Home", and it was released on the 1994 album, Mama's Hungry Eyes: A Tribute to Merle Haggard. The album was a compilation of many talented artists who have been inspired by Merle along their path. The artists who participated in creating this album are legends themselves, including Randy Travis, Alan Jackson, Willie Nelson, and Brooks and Dunn. 

After the band plays an excerpt of "Sing Me Back Home" they tell the story of the first time they ever played on stage. They sang this classic song of Merle's and said that they didn't even have to rehearse because they all knew the song by heart. They won the contest and attribute their success to Merle, Randy Owen says,

We won the contest with "Sing Me Back Home" and you are without a doubt the greatest singer, songwriter, artist that has ever been in our eyes, and I thank god for you because you came along and opened a lot of our ears to what was going on in country music and you had something to sing about and something t to write about. 

That was beautifully said Randy! And lets be honest, Alabama's rendition of "Sing Me Back Home" is nothing less than spectacular. 

Check out the video to see Alabama sing Merle Haggard's hit song, and you'll be glad you did! 

+++++++++LYRICS BELOW+++++++++

The warden led a prisoner down the hallway to his doom
I stood up to say good-bye like all the rest
And I heard him tell the warden just before he reached my cell
'Let my guitar playing friend do my request.' (Let him...)

Sing me back home with a song I used to hear
Make my old memories come alive
Take me away and turn back the years
Sing Me Back Home before I die

I recall last Sunday morning a choir from 'cross the street
Came to sing a few old gospel songs
And I heard him tell the singers 'There's a song my mama sang.
Can I hear once before we move along?'

Sing me back home, the song my mama sang
Make my old memories come alive
Take me away and turn back the years
Sing Me Back Home before I die

Sing Me Back Home before I die

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