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Vince Gill & Amy Grant Sing "House of Love"

Vince gill Songs | Vince Gill & Amy Grant Sing

There is nothing more romantic than a couple coming together for a duet! We just love Vince Gill and Amy Grant's live performance of "House of Love". 

The song was released in 1994 from Amy's album with the same title, House of Love. At the time the two artists were not married, but their chemistry was undeniable! Although the song didn't hit the country charts, it successfully peaked at #5 on the Adult Contemporary chart. Their voices compliment each other so well, and they both have outstanding instrumental skills! What a perfect duo! We have to say, these two are simply amazing!

While recording this song, Vince and Amy had the opportunity to spend time together and eventually, became great friends. This song brought them together and we are thankful for that! 

Check out the video to see Vince Gill and Amy Grant's sing "House of Love", and you will be blown away by all of their talent!


Well I'll bet you any amount of money
He'll be coming back to you
Ooh I know there ain't no doubt about it
Sometimes life is funny
You think you're in your darkest hour
When the lights are coming on in the house of love

You've been up all night
Thinking it was over
He's been out of sight
At least for the moment
But when something this strong
Gets a hold on you
The odds are ninety-nine to one
It's got a hold on him too

Now when the house is dark
And you're all alone inside
You've gotta listen to your heart
And put away your foolish pride
Though the storm is breaking
And thunder shakes the walls
Love with a firm foundation
Ain't never gonna fall

Though the storm is breaking
And thunder shakes the walls
Love with a firm foundation
Ain't never gonna fall

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