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Kenny Chesney - Please Come to Boston (WATCH)

Kenny chesney Songs | Kenny Chesney - Please Come to Boston (WATCH) | Country Music Videos

As always, Kenny Chesney blew us away with his amazing performance of the song, "Please Come to Boston". 

We can tell this song is close to his heart, as he opens up his performance by saying,

I've been on the road almost twelve years and I've always loved this song. This song was written by another fellow in East Tennessee, named Dave Loggins. It's always been one of my favorite songs and since I've been away from home for so long, this song really means a lot to me, and it really rings true to my life.

It is always so touching to see an artist share a personal experience with us. We can absolutely relate to you Kenny, it is hard to be away from home. 

"Please Come to Boston" was released in 1974 by Dave Loggins. In 2004, Kenny recored a live version of the heartfelt song, and released it on his album, When the Sun Goes Down. The album was a huge hit and topped the Billboard Hot Country Albums chart. Great job, Kenny! 

Check out the video to see Kenny Chesney's touching performance of, "Please Come to Boston", and you will be glad you did!


Please come to Boston
For the springtime
I'm stayin' here with some friends
And they've got lots of room
You can sell your paintings on the sidewalk
By a cafe where I hope to be workin' soon
Please come to Boston
She said no, boy you come home to me

(And) She said, hey ramblin' boy
Why don't you settle down
(Boston, Denver, L.A.) ain't your kind of town
There ain't no gold
And there ain't nobody like me
I'm the number one fan
Of the man from Tennessee

Please come to Denver
To see the snowfall
We'll move up into the mountains
So far we can't be found
And throw I love you echos
Down the canyons
And then lie awake at night
Until they come back around
Please come to Denver
She said no boy you come home to me

Now that drifter's world
Goes round and round
And I doubt if it's ever gonna stop
But of all the dreams
I've lost or found
And all that I ain't got
I need somebody I can cling to
Somebody I can sing to

He said please come to L.A.
To live forever
A California life alone
Is just too hard to live
I live in a house that
Looks out over the ocean
And there's some stars
That fell from the sky
Livin' up on the hill
Please come to L.A.
I just said no
Boy, you come home to me

I'm the number one fan
Of the band from Tennessee

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