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Brantley Gilbert's 'Take It Outside' Serves As Powerful Tribute To U.S. Marines

Brantley gilbert Songs | Brantley Gilbert's 'Take It Outside' Serves As Powerful Tribute To U.S. Marines | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: (Left) Will Schneekloth / Getty Images (Right)

Brantley Gilbert is a modern country outlaw. 

Gilbert is known for his rebellious attitude, his tattoos, and his real-life songs. And the song below is no different... 

"Take It Outside" tell the story about the "good old days", when men knew how to brawl and what it meant to "take it outside." Gilbert reminds listeners how real outlaws handled it. It was man to man, it was taken outside, and no one would break it up. It ended when it ended. 

In the intense video below, Gilbert's song plays as background to some incredible live combat footage from the war in Afghanistan. 

The video features United States Marines in action, proudly serving their country, as Gilbert sings about strength and honor. 

"Take It Outside" was released from Gilbert's Halfway To Heaven album in 2010. Although the song wasn't released as a single, the album was a huge hit, peaking at #1 on the US Billboard Top Heatseekers chart. The hit album also produced some songs, including "Kick It In The Sticks," and the chart-topper, "Country Must Be Country Wide."

This video, being a tribute to U.S. Marines, brings whole new light to the song. These brave men and women are exactly who Gilbert sings about in "Take It Outside."

Check out the intense video below, and we'll sure it will open your eyes to a whole new side of the song. 


Back in the good old days
They knew how to brawl

I'm talkin' real gunslingers
I'm talkin' real outlaws
They'd saddle up and ride on into town
When it was high noon in them old saloons
You knew what was goin' down
When they took it outside

Took it outside
When it was man to man
Toe to toe
You know they had to go
Where nobody's gonna break it up
Not until you've had enough

And if you think you've got the guts
Then lets take it outside
If you think your man enough
You really wanna knuckle up
If you wanna shed a little blood then lets
Take it outside
Let's take it outside

These days things have changed
A lot of talk
Lot of pushin' and shovin'
Well if you wanna walk the walk

Let's have some respect
Got girls in here
Just pay your tab
And lay down your beer and let's take it outside
Take it outside

It's man to man
Toe to toe
You know we need to go
We're all here for a good time
But don't start no trouble
'Cause it won't be the first time
I put a scar on my knuckles

Now brother I don't mind
I'll be glad to stomp your ass
But if both of us walk out that door
One of us ain't comin' back
Let's take it outside
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