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Rosanne Cash Covers "Tennessee Flat Top Box" (LIVE)

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With a father like Johnny Cash, Rosanne Cash was destined to be a talented artist. And she didn't let us down! In this beautiful tribute to her father, Rosanne sang her father's hit song, "Tennessee Flat Top Box" and touched the hearts of every audience member. 

In 1961, Johnny released "Tennessee Flat Top Box" off of his album, Ring of Fire: The Best of Johnny Cash. The song was a hit and peaked at #11 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart. Twenty-six years later Johnny's daughter, Rosanne, brought the song back to life. She covered her father's hit song on her album, King's Record Shop, and the song blew everyone away! The song made it all the way to #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart, and was the third number one hit on her album. 

Prior to her performance on CMT's Johnny Cash Memorial Tribute: A Celebration of Friends and Family, Rosanne reminisced about her childhood with Johnny. She said, 

Daddy was a tremendous energy source, a radiant center of love in our lives and I cannot begin to describe the enormity of the empty space he has left. A friend told me that your parents keep teaching out even after they are gone and my sisters, and my brother and I have already found that to be true. He keeps pointing us in the direction of our best selves.

Her words were so beautiful, and you can just hear the pride and love she has for her father. Rosanne performance was so touching, and we think her father would be so incredibly proud of the person she has become.

Check out the video to see Rosanne Cash's emotional performance of her father's hit song, "Tennessee Flat Top Box", and you will be blown away!

+++++++++LYRICS BELOW+++++++++

In a little cabaret in a South Texas border town,
Sat a boy and his guitar, and the people came from all around.
And all the girls from there to Austin,
Were slippin' away from home and puttin' jewelery in hock.
To take the trip, to go and listen,
To the little dark-haired boy who played the Tennessee flat top box.

And he would play

Well, he couldn't ride or wrangle, and he never cared to make a dime.
But give him his guitar, and he'd be happy all the time.
And all the girls from nine to ninety,
Were snapping fingers, tapping toes, and begging him: "Don't stop."
And hypnotized and fascinated,
By the little dark-haired boy who played the Tennessee flat top box.

And he would play:

Then one day he was gone, and no one ever saw him 'round,
He'd vanished like the breeze, they forgot him in the little town.
But all the girls still dreamed about him.
And hung around the cabaret until the doors were locked.
And then one day on the Hit Parade,
Was a little dark-haired boy who played the Tennessee flat top box.


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