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Alan Jackson - Maybe I Should Stay Here (VIDEO)

Alan jackson Songs | Alan Jackson - Maybe I Should Stay Here (VIDEO) | Country Music Videos
This emotional ballad debuted on legend Alan Jackson's 9th studio album, When Somebody Loves You.
Of the record, Allmusic said that they admired Alan for "articulating his heart in a heartless age."
Listen to the beautiful track below.
+++++++++++++++ LYRICS BELOW +++++++++++++++
Maybe I should stay here
For the rest of my life
My compliments to you dear
You're so easy on the eyes
I'm likin' how my Jack and water mixes with your
Estée Lauder ooh, so maybe I should stay here
And keep makin' eyes at you

Maybe you should stay here
I beg you not to go
There's something I must say dear
I'm compelled to let you know
My intuition makes me think
That holdin' you's a possibility
So maybe you should stay here
And keep makin' eyes at me

Some lover lose, some lovers win
But honey I don't care
Somebody said only fools rush in
But me, I'm already there

So maybe we should stay here
'Cause here's where we belong
Like me the night is lonely
Like you the night is young
There's no reason why
We shouldn't have these feelings
If it happens naturally, oh yeah
So maybe we should stay here
For all eternity. oh baby, we should stay here,
Just you and me
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