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Vince Gill Covers Merle Haggard's "The Farmer's Daughter"

Vince gill Songs | Vince Gill Covers Merle Haggard's

What an amazing cover by Vince Gill of Merle Haggard's hit song "The Farmer's Daughter". Although there will never be another Merle, we think that even he would be proud of Vince's rendition of his classic song.

In 1971, Merle released his album titled Hag, and on that album was the classic song, "The Farmer's Daughter". As usual, Merle's album hit #1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. This album was different than the rest because it was softer, and more reflective and personal, and everyone could relate to this side of Merle.

As tribute to Merle, Vince covered his hit song, "Mama Tried" and it appeared on the 2014 album Working Man's Poet - A Tribute To Merle Haggard, which was a compilation of covers by many talented artists. The album was very successful because, let's be honest, who doesn't love Merle Haggard?!

"The Farmer's Daughter" tells the story of a father who has mixed feelings on giving his daughter away to the "City boy from town". He admits that the man is not exactly what he would pick for his daughter, but he reminds himself that he will become his son-in-law today. The father expresses how important his daughter is to him, and how much he loves her, and in the end, admits that love conquers all. He says about the city boy, "He could be the richest man in seven counties / And not be good enough to take her hand / But, he says he really loves the farmer's daughter". What a beautiful song from a father to his daughter! 

Check out the video to see Vince Gill's rendition of Merle Haggard's classic song, "The Farmer's Daughter", and you'll be glad you did! 

+++++++++LYRICS BELOW+++++++++

Tonight there'll be candlelight and roses
In this little country chapel that's almost falling down
There'll be tears in this old farmer's eyes this evening
When I give my one possession to that city boy from town

His hair is a little longer than we're use to
But, I guess I should find something good to say
About this man who's won the farmer's daughter
And will soon become my son-in-law today

Mama left eight years ago December
And it was hard to be a Dad and Mama too
But, somehow we made home of this old farmhouse
And love was all my baby ever knew

He could be the richest man in seven counties
And not be good enough to take her hand
But, he says he really loves the farmer's daughter
And I know the farmer's daughter loves the man

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