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Conway Twitty - Let Me Be The Judge (WATCH)

Conway twitty Songs | Conway Twitty - Let Me Be The Judge (WATCH) | Country Music Videos

"Let Me Be The Judge" is one of Conway's older songs, released on his Country Boy album.

The song tells the story of a man that has heard talk around town that his lover has been cheating on him. He wants to be the judge though and decide for himself if it's fact or fiction, and if it is true, then he's going to erase her from his life.

How unfortunate! Check out this vintage Twitty song!

+++++++++++++++++++++++ LYRICS BELOW +++++++++++++++++++++++

Just let me be the judge of what you've done and if I find
You guilty I'd erase you from my heart and from my mind

Talk is goin' over town that you my love had let me down
I don't believe what people say I still love you
I don't believe that you're to blame I don't believe you've brought me shame
I just can't believe that you have been untrue
They say I should go on alone that you've done something very wrong
That you're not worthy of the love I have for you
But I won't believe a thing they say until you say it's true
Just let me be the judge...

You tell me that the things they say are true that I should go my way
You ask me to forgive you for the wrong you've done
You say although you've been untrue I still mean everything to you
That you only meant to dance with him and have some fun
Then the jukebox played our favorite song you knew that you were doing wrong
You closed your eyes and made believe that I was there
And now you think it's better that we'll end our love affair
Just let me be the judge...

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