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Vince Gill and Alison Krauss - The Reason Why (VIDEO)

Vince gill Songs | Vince Gill and Alison Krauss - The Reason Why (VIDEO) | Country Music Videos

"The Reason Why" was released on Vince Gill's These Days box set in 2006. It's a heartbreaking duet performed by both Gill and the extremely talented Alison Krauss.

This song tells the tale of a relationship falling apart between two people once in love and they have no idea why. They don't know why they pull away from each other and play games. Even though losing their love would be a shame, neither will take the blame.

It's always something amazing when Gill and Krauss get together to perform. Their voices are so uniquely theirs and complement each other in astounding ways. This performance in particular is emotional and really brings their talent into view.


Why do I choose the things I choose
Why do I always find some lame excuse
And why do I not realize what I could do
Oh, I wish I knew the reason why

Why do you get that sad look on your face
And why do you pull away from my embrace
And why do you see all my faults and my mistakes
Oh, I wish you knew the reason why

Why do we treat each other like we do
It's like we never even tried
Why can't we get back to the love we knew
Oh why oh baby why

Why do we have to play the same old games
And why do we run away from who's to blame
And can't we see to lose this love would be a shame
Oh, I wish we knew the reason why
Oh, I wish we knew the reason why

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