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The Incredible Willis Clan Perform 'What Can I Say' at the Opry!

The willis clan Songs | The Incredible Willis Clan Perform 'What Can I Say' at the Opry! | Country Music Videos

The Willis Clan. 'What Can I Say', where do I begin?

Well, there are 12 siblings, all with names beginning with 'J', ranging from 22 to 3 years old. They sing, Irish dance, play a multitude of instruments, and were recently on 'America's Got Talent'. Amongst many other talents, the family shares one thing in common; they do not take anything they have, or each other, for granted.

That could be because their father, Toby, who was one of 9 growing up, tragically lost 6 of his siblings in a fatal automobile accident. When he started a family, he told his wife three things: 

They were going to have a large family. They were going to play music. They were going to stay together.

And they're doing just that. And part of what makes them so good, other than their obvious talent, is that they look like they are having the time of their lives and that they really love each other when they perform.

Watch their beautiful song 'What Can I Say', written by 22 year old Jessica Willis, at 2014's Grand Ole Opry below.

++++++++++++ LYRICS BELOW ++++++++++++

'What Can I Say' (by Jessica Willis)

Rarely am I speechless

Never lost for words

Always been the girl that’s some times seen

But always heard

Standing here before you

I’ve never felt this bad

Thinking of the things I’ve said

I wish I’d never had



What can I say

I’m afraid I’ve already said it all

What can I do

To take it back for you

Rewrite every love song that I play

Save it for a moment like today

What can I say

What can I say


You think it’s ironic

Go ahead and laugh

The situation’s funny

When it’s not on your behalf

Talk about confusing

Nothing’s making sense

Except that I’m a fool

On the wrong side of the fence

Nothing does you justice

Not like you deserve

I know I have to tell you

And I’m working up the nerve

Nothing can explain you

Or perfectly portray

I’d give my best attempt

If I could only find a way

Say, say

Yeah, yeah, yeah

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