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Brantley Gilbert - Modern Day Prodigal Son (Live) (WATCH)

Classic country Songs | Brantley Gilbert - Modern Day Prodigal Son (Live) (WATCH) | Country Music Videos

Brantley Gilbert always finds a way to tug at our heartstrings with his powerful voice and moving lyrics. And this song was no different...

"Modern Day Prodigal Son" was released in 2010 from Brantley's debut album with the same name, Modern Day Prodigal Son. The album was a success, and hit #38 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart. Way to go Brantley, you never let us down!

"Modern Day Prodigal Son" is a pretty heartfelt song, as Brantley talks about letting down his family for a bottle of whiskey. He tells us one night while searching for his bottle, he finds a bible his mother gave him, and he began reading. The story he read was about a man who lived a similar lifestyle, and in the end "Ate his pride and came running home". So he does just that, he calls his mom and asks for her forgiveness and she responds, "Son you know I've longed for this day". 

What a beautiful story! Check out the video and let us know what you think!


I set out one night in the fast lane bound for freedom
In a truck that daddy bought me
And money mom had saved for school

I laid down all my books and picked up the drinking
Hell I let 'em down
When I gave up like a fool

And one reckless night just lookin' for my whiskey
I found a bible mama gave me and read a while
I read a story 'bout a man who lived just like me
Then finally ate his pride and came runnin' home

And lord I'm a renegade, a rambler
I've squandered all I've owned
A bonified runaway, I'm a gambler
Can't count the lies I've told
And I need redemption, how 'bout forgiveness
And I pray for open arms, and be with me lord
'Cause I'm comin' home, like a modern day prodigal son

I had all of my things packed by early mornin'
I left that bottle I'd lost right there on the bathroom floor
I stopped at a payphone and called back home to mama
Yeh she might not even talk after all I've done

The phone rang twice before I got an answer
And mama nearly dropped the phone when she heard me say
I said mama it's your son and will yall have me
She said son you know I've longed for this day

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