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Ray Stevens Hilariously Sings Opinionated Song, "Come To The U.S.A.", And It's Going VIRAL!

Ray stevens Songs | Ray Stevens Hilariously Sings Opinionated Song,

"Wake up America", is what Ray Stevens is trying to say.

Ray is known to be hilarious, yet incredibly opinionated, and we can't get enough! In this ballad about illegal immigration, "Come To The U.S.A." hilariously depicts the current ideals on immigration in the United States.

At the end of the video, a disclaimer reads, "This video and song are dedicated to the hard-working American citizens who were born in other countries and chose to "come to the U.S.A." the right way!"

A Ray Stevens original song, this piece of work hilariously talks about the United States' current situation concerning illegal immigration, and how we, as Americans, perceive this ongoing issue.

Check out why this video has almost 9 million views on YouTube, and why it has gone VIRAL!

Even though the topic is more of a serious one, Ray Stevens still finds a way to make the video and song very silly, and funny.

You won't be disappointed!


If you thinkin’ about illegal immigration,
Be careful when you’re choosin’ the nation
‘Cause breakin’ the law in some countries is frowned upon.
Imagine that.
Sneak into China and they’ll call you a spy
And ship you to Mongolia till you die.
And in Sudan they’ll hang you and the camel you rode in on.
Yeah, and don’t go ahikin’ and enter Iran,
Or you might never be heard from again.
And in Mexico, you might face a firing squad.
Yeah, and forget all about going to North Korea.
That’s a great example of a bad idea,
So when it comes down to it, there’s only one option you got.
Yeah, come to the USA.
There’s no penalty to pay
Should you get caught illegally immigratin’
Come to the USA.
It will be your lucky day
‘Cause when you get in there’s lots of goodies waitin’
Like health care, welfare, free education,
Help with your voter registration
And drivers license and credit cards
And license plates for your old car.
Lots of jobs for you to do
And employers who’ll turn a blind eye, too.
Come to the USA!
No need to worry about the Constitution.
We’ll help you start a house of prostitution
If that’s the kind of work that you wanna do.
You see, those gringo infidels are crazy.
They’ll give citizenship to your new baby.
So, you see, there’s really only one choice for you.
Come to the USA.
There’s no penalty to pay
Should you get caught illegally immigratin’
I said come to the USA.
It will be your lucky day
‘Cause when you get in there’s lots of goodies waitin’
Yeah, you get public housing and cable TV
And food stamps and even government cheese.
The borders are a swinging door.
Go home for a visit and come back for more.
There’s sanctuary and amnesty.
Bring the whole damn family eventually.
Yeah, come to the USA.
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