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Tanya Tucker And Her Sister Wear The Wildest Outfits In "Hobo Bill's Last Ride" Duet

Tanya tucker Songs | Tanya Tucker And Her Sister Wear The Wildest Outfits In
In this amazing sister duet, Tanya and LaCosta Tucker sing "Hobo Bill's Last Ride", and they sound so similar in their harmonies!

Not only do the two look alike, but they have similar singing styles as well!

Recently, Tanya Tucker took to Twitter to commemorate this throwback of a performance. Tanya exclaimed, "Here's my sister LaCosta and me performing on Nashville Now. Doesn't seem that long ago." The particular show was filmed in the late 80s, but Tanya remembers it like it was yesterday.

The rare video of Tanya and her sister is definitely a gem, because it's one of the only videos available of the two actually singing together!

Check out the sweet duet, and see for yourself how well Tanya and her sister perform together.


Riding on the eastbound freight train speeding through the night
Hobo Bill the railroad bum was fighting for his life
And the sadness of his eyes revealed the torture of his soul
He raised a weak and weary hand to brush away the coal.

No warm lights flickered round him no blankets there to hold
Nothing but the howling wind the driving rain so cold
When he heard a whistle blowing in a dreamy kind of way
The hobo seemed contented for he smile there where he lay.
Hey ho-bo Bill.

Outside the rain was falling on the lonely boxcar door
But the little form of Hobo Bill lay dead upon the floor
While the train sped through the darkness with the raging storm outside
No one knew that Hobo Bill was taking his last ride
Hey ho-bo Bill...
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