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Johnny Cash Performs Duet With Daughter Cindy Cash (RARE) (VIDEO)

Johnny Cash Performs Duet With Daughter Cindy Cash (RARE) (VIDEO) | Country Music Videos

With a legendary singer/songwriter Johnny Cash as a father, Cindy Cash was destined for an interesting life. In this live performance of the two singing "Lay Me Down In Dixie", you can see the father daughter love between the two. 

Cindy Cash was born on July 29, 1959, and is the third of Johnny and Vivian Liberto's four daughters together. Cindy was married to country music singer, Marty Stewart who worked with the The Man in Black, but couple divorced in 1988. 

Cindy speaks fondly of her beloved father, who lived an extremely hectic lifestyle. She said it was years before she realized he was famous, and was always a daddy's girl. 

"As a child, my mother protected us from all of the celebrity-ism," she told the Sioux City Journal. "My first memory of his being popular was us in a limo, leaving a performance and people climbing on the car." 

Cindy moved to Nashville at 19-years-old to pursue a singing career just like her dad. There is defiantly a family resemblance between these two! Watch the video of Johnny Cash and his daughter singing "Lay Me Down In Dixie" below. 


Lay me down in dixie
and let the world forget me
I'm gonna stay right here till Gabriel calls.
Then pull the dream around me,
wrap me in a memory,
Cause Lord, I love Dixie most of all.
For, somewhere far away a warm sun is shining
Somewhere someone's singing in a soft, southern drawl.
Lay me down in Dixie where they understand me.
Cause Lord I love Dixie most of all
Have you ever seen the glory
of the first warm glow of morning
When that soft Kentucky rain begins to fall?
Then watch the dawn come sliding
Round the corner of the Smokies
That's when I love Dixie most of all

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