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Glen Campbell Sings A Tear-Jerking Confession In His Emotional Ballad "A Better Place"

Glen campbell Songs | Glen Campbell Sings A Tear-Jerking Confession In His Emotional Ballad
Photo credit: Glen Campbell's YouTube Channel
A teary-eyed Glen Campbell gets honest in this emotional ballad, explaining that a better place awaits him after this life.

His eyes glossy as ever, Glen sings:
"Some days I'm so confused, Lord. My past gets in my way, I need the ones I love, Lord more and more each day. One thing I know, the world's been good to me, a better place awaits you'll see."
The video shows Glen sifting through a picture album, looking through all of his most iconic photographs, and all the memories he had and shared with so many great legends.

After hearing Glen's teary confession, we can't help but think of all the amazing times Glen impressed us with his talents.

In Glen's fifty years involved in show business, he has released more than 70 albums.

Suffering from Alzheimer's, Glen Campbell is currently a patient at the Alzheimer's long-term care and treatment facility. In March, it was reported that Glen could no longer speak for himself.

On YouTube, the comments underneath this video are so supportive, and caring for the accomplished artist.

One user, Flay Mohle, says about Glen and this song:
"Thank you Glen, for your music and testimony of faith. Christians are not promised a life free of trials and suffering. After all , the Bible tells us that in this world we will have suffering. As Christians, our hope an Jesus Christ is the promise of a life lived in victory by faith despite our human sin and frailties. There is indeed a better place awaiting those who have trusted in Jesus. God bless you and our family."
Glen Campbell is in our hearts, and most surely in the hearts of his many adoring fans and family members.

This song has such a beautiful meaning, and it's definitely worth your while to listen to the sweet-sounding ballad.

Grab a box of tissues, and press play...


I've tried and I have failed, Lord
I've won and I have lost
I've lived and I have loved, Lord
Sometimes at such a cost

One thing I know
The world's been good to me
A better place
Awaits you'll see

Some days I'm so confused, Lord
My past gets in my way
I need the ones I love, Lord
More and more each day

One thing I know
The world's been good to me
A better place
Awaits you'll see, ooh

A better place
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