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George Strait Opens Up About The Pain Of Losing A Child And Turns His Feelings Into Lyrics With 'I Believe'

George strait Songs | George Strait Opens Up About The Pain Of Losing A Child And Turns His Feelings Into Lyrics With 'I Believe' | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: George Strait YouTube Channel

We can all relate to some kind of loss, but George Strait may be able to relate more than most of us. Unfortunately, George knows the pain of losing a child, which is the most painful kind of loss. When his daughter Jennifer Strait was just 13 years old, a tragic car accident took her life and devastated their family. 

Since the passing of his daughter, George has not said much about her and keeps his family life very private. In a rare interview George opened up about the pain of losing a child. His feelings were sparked by the Sandy Hook tragedy that took the lives of 26 people, most being children. After watching tragic news coverage, George said,

I was thinking, I know what these parents are going through. You know, it's just the worst thing that can happen to you in your life, to lose a child, there's nothing worse than that. And, I just started thinking you know, about saying something about it, here jotting a few things down and in a few minutes I called Bubba and started talking to him about it and he goes "Dad, I'm thinking the same thing. 

So George and his son Bubba Strait, decided to put their feelings into words and together wrote the song "I Believe" which expresses both the pain of losing a child, as well as pays tribute to the families who lost someone that day. 

The song was to be featured on his album, Love Is Everything, but George was very close to not including it. He said he didn't know if it felt 'right' but his wife assured him that people needed to hear his words. So George went back into the recording studio, and recorded "I Believe". He said of the finished product, "It just turned out beautiful, I just love the way it turned out."

Check out the George's interview about the song below, and make sure to check out his live performance of "I Believe" - we're sure y'all will love it! 


The night's as clear as a big desert sky
But it's hard to see the stars with these tears in my eyes
Yeah, it's hard not to cry
There's twenty-six reasons why

There's broken hearts that'll never be the same
Shattered lives still reeling from the pain
Of plans and dreams now gone
Oh, how do you move on?

But I believe
There's someone who's looking after me
Someone beside me night and day
To light the way
It's hard to conceive
Something you can't see
But I believe
I believe

There's twenty-six angels looking down from above
resting in his mercy, grace and love
Time may never heel
The sadness that we feel

The rivers flow now that used to be dry
As people all over the world start to cry
But I believe

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