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Notorious Toddler From 'Boots On' Video Rocks Out At Home

Randy houser Songs | Notorious Toddler From 'Boots On' Video Rocks Out At Home | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: YouTube

This little guy takes the saying "dance like no one is watching" to a whole new level. He is a natural born performer, and it is clear to see in this adorable video! Rocking out to Randy Houser's hit song "Boots On", this boy has country super-star written all over him! 

"Boots On" was originally written and recorded by Houser himself. The 2009 single came off of his album, Anything Goes, and peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The song is an up-beat tune that you can't help but tap your boots to!

Which is why there is no wonder why little Drake Dixon embraced the opportunity to perform the song for his nanny, who subsequently put it up on her Myspace account. The rest is history. After gaining major popularity online, Houser decided to incorporate the toddler in his music video. He even found a way to work the little blue guitar in there. Adorable! 

Watch Drake rock out, and just incase, the official "Boots On" music video is also below. Enjoy! 


Man, I've been workin too hard
Ten hour days and I'm tired
Damn this knuckle busted',
back breakin', no paying job
Know where I'm goin from here
Hot headed women, cold beer
Kick up my heels for a little while
and do it country style

In my dirty 'ole hat
with my crooked little grin
Granny beaded neck
and these calloused hands
And a muddy pair of jeans
with that copenhagen ring
No need to change a thing, hey y'all
I'm going out with my boots on

How I keep catching her eye
Man, I keep wondering why
Ain't nothing special 'bout
an "awe shucks" country boy
Lord, she's sure lookin' good
Like something from Hollywood
She got me thinkin' that I just might
leave here with her tonight

'Cause I am who I am and that's
the man I'm gonna be, yeah
And when the Lord comes callin',
well, he ain't gonna have
to holler, y'all
There'll be no trouble finding me

With my boots on
He's gonna take me home
Lord, with my boots on

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