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RARE: 13-Year-Old Carrie Underwood Covers Reba In Jaw-Dropping Recording

Reba mcentire Songs | RARE: 13-Year-Old Carrie Underwood Covers Reba In Jaw-Dropping Recording | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: (Left) Flor Tatlonghari Viceral YouTube Channel/(Right)

Even when she was 13 years old, Carrie Underwood already had the vocal talent that would one day win her the American Idol title and the hearts of country music fans around the world.

Underwood made several demo albums prior to achieving fame on American Idol in 2005. These albums were never released, which make them rare and prized pieces of work.

One of these demo albums, called Carrie Underwood, The First Recordings, features 13-14 year-old Underwood covering hit songs such as "Unchained Melody."

In the clip below, Underwood tries her hand at Reba McEntire's hit single "I'd Rather Ride Around With You." 

"I'd Rather Ride Around With You" was first released by McEntire in 1997 on her album What If It's You? The song ended up peaking at the #2 spot on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart following its release.  

Underwood's teenage cover of McEntire's song features a little bit more country twang than Underwood uses in her performances today. Other than that, her voice still has the same beautiful tone and extensive range that she is now known for.

Listen to this rare recording of Underwood singing "I'd Rather Ride Around With You" below.  


My cousin's gettin' married at the Methodist church
That's why I stayed home from work
I'm supposed to hold the flowers
When the new bride kisses the groom
That's what I'm supposed to do
So what are we doin' with the windows rolled down
Twenty five passionate miles from town
I love her like a sister baby but to tell the truth
I'd rather ride around with you

The guy she's gonna marry's got money to burn
His daddy's a partner in some big law firm
Yeah that's how they're goin'
To Hawaii on their honeymoon
First class to Honolulu
She ain't never even set foot on a jet
I'm a little bit jealous I confess
I'd like to fly to Hawaii
But honey if I had to choose
I'd rather ride around with you

I don't care where this road goes
No I don't wanna turn around
Let go of the wheel feel the wind blow
Don't even think about slowin' down

They're tyin' tin cans to the back of the car
Wonderin' where in the world we are
The preacher's done prayin'
And the couple's done sayin' I do
That could be me and you
There's way too many decisions to make
The length of the dress
The layers on the cake
One of these days I might get married too
But I'd rather ride around with you

I'd rather ride around with you
I'd rather ride around with you
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