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Gwen Stefani Impersonates Blake Shelton, And Completely Nails It

The voice Songs | Gwen Stefani Impersonates Blake Shelton, And Completely Nails It | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: The Voice YouTube Channel

If you don't get enough of the Voice coaches' hilarious antics when you watch the show, don't worry, because The Voice released exclusive digital content of the coaches having some fun at work. 

In a game called "Spin Cycle," the coaches push a red button that causes words to spin across a screen. The spinner eventually stops, asking the coaches to give advice to one another, do an impression of another coach, or answer a trivia question about one of the coaches.

At one point, coach Adam Levine is asked to do his best impersonation of Blake Shelton. Levine and Shelton are known for being friendly enemies on the show, so Levine definitely goes all out during his impersonation.

"Hey, come be on my team," Levine says. "I'm from Oklahoma. Oh, where are you from?"

Following Levine's impersonation, the camera cuts to a series of scenes where Shelton is asking Voice contestants where they are from. 

Coach Gwen Stefani  is also asked to try her best impersonation of Shelton, but as is shown in a clip from the show, this isn't the only time she's impersonated her fellow coach. In a series of clips poking fun at Shelton, Stefani is shown swinging her arms back and forth and making some sort of twangy sound in an attempt to act like him. Shelton loves it, falling back in his chair as he busts up laughing.

But during "Spin Cycle," Stefani once again channels her inner Shelton, this time following a pattern similar to Levine's impression, "I'm from Oklahoma, and I run the country mafia, so hardly anyone else can get a country artist," she says.

"Country mafia" or not, after four Voice championship titles, it seems that Shelton does a pretty good job with the people that join his team.

Watch the exclusive digital clip of the Voice coaches playing "Spin Cycle" below!

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