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Alan Jackson Adds A Classic Country Twist To Eagles Hit 'Seven Bridges Road'

Alan jackson Songs | Alan Jackson Adds A Classic Country Twist To Eagles Hit 'Seven Bridges Road' | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: C. Flanigan/Getty Images

Alan Jackson has the ability to take any song and make it his own, even a hit by one of the greatest rock bands in history.

"Seven Bridges Road" was written by Steve Young, who was the first to record it in 1969 for his Rock Salt & Nails album.

But the most recognizable version of the song was recorded by the rock band the Eagles in 1980, which was included on their Eagles Live album.

During the band's early touring days, they would warm up for their concerts by singing the song in the shower room. Then, they would open each concert by singing the song acapella, breaking into five-part harmony.

Many other artists have gone on to record "Seven Bridges Road" over the years, including Jackson. The song appeared on Jackson's album Live At Texas Stadium. 

Jackson never released the song as a single, but he still chose to perform it at one of his concerts in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Although the Eagle's version of the song has a slight country feel, Jackson takes the song and gives it a complete classic country makeover.

Even though Jackson's version obviously doesn't have the five-part harmony of the Eagles' version, his voice is powerful enough to stand on its own.

Based on the audience's enthusiastic reaction at the end of his performance, we'd say that Jackson pulled off a successful rendition of the Eagles' hit song.

Watch Jackson perform his version of "Seven Bridges Road" live in the video below.

Foul language can be heard from one of the audience members around the four second mark. Skip past this part of the clip if you don't want to hear it.


There are stars
In the Southern sky
Southward as you go
There is moonlight
And moss in the trees
Down the Seven Bridges Road

Now I have loved you like a baby
Like some lonesome child
And I have loved you in a tame way
And I have loved you wild

Sometimes there's a part of me
Has to turn from here and go
Running like a child from these warm stars
Down the Seven Bridges Road

There are stars in the Southern sky
And if ever you decide
You should go
There is a taste of thyme sweetened honey
Down the Seven Bridges Road
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