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At Age 53, Garth Brooks Has Plenty Of Diesel Left In The Tank With Huge Future Plans

Trisha yearwood Songs | At Age 53, Garth Brooks Has Plenty Of Diesel Left In The Tank With Huge Future Plans | Country Music Videos
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After launching a career in 1984 that turned him into the best-selling artist in the U.S., fans wondered why Garth Brooks chose to retire at what seemed like the peak of his career. 

Even though Brooks was having a great time touring and making music, he knew he needed to spend more time with his three daughters, Allie, Taylor, and August. But once the girls grew older, Brooks didn't see any problem with returning to music. 

And what a return he has made...Brook's current World Tour with his wife Trisha Yearwood is currently the number one tour, as Brooks reveals in a radio interview with KFDI FM 101.3

"The word grateful has really come up a lot on this tour," Brooks says. "I thought we were grateful in the 90's, and things were going very well for us in the 90's. Now this tour is breaking all the 90's records."

Brooks said that because he was so busy in the 90's, he missed out on a lot, including the movie Titanic and the hit TV show Friends. Now that he's back on tour, it's the same thing. 

"But what a wonderful trade," Brooks says. "This has been fun."

As Brooks' World Tour continues to shatter his own records, he is simply enjoying the present and looking forward to what is in store for him in the future.

"I feel very lucky, especially at this be out there getting this loud and this ridiculous," Brooks says with a laugh.

Since Brook's current tour has been so successful,  the interviewer wondered if Brooks had any plans in mind for future tours or new music. When asked about what's in store for him after the tour, Brooks jokes around at first and says, "I would like to try and get up to about 450 pounds."

But then Brooks comes back with a more serious answer:

"I don't know, seriously. My children are off on their own. I haven't looked at anything past this tour. I'm just trying to survive the tour. It's fantastic. It's the most fun I've ever had. And to get to do it with the love of your life, that's a big deal."

While you wait and see what Brooks may be up to next, listen to his full interview with KDFI FM 101. 3 below.

Whatever Brooks decides to do in the future, we know that it is sure to be great!  

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