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Alan Jackson's Heartfelt New Song Showcases His Unconditional Love For His Daughters

Alan jackson Songs | Alan Jackson's Heartfelt New Song Showcases His Unconditional Love For His Daughters | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Svencb Wikimedia

Any parent who's had a child move away from home wants to see them chase their dreams. But at the same time, they also want them to remember that if things don't work out, they "can always come home." 

Alan Jackson feels the same way, now that his three daughters have grown up and his middle daughter, Ali has moved from Nashville to California.

Jackson decided to send his daughters a special message through the form of a song, reminding them that they could always come home if things didn't go as they hoped. The song was also partially inspired by Jackson's own experience when he was their age, when he too, packed up and moved far from home.

“It reminded me of when I moved to Nashville and didn’t know anybody. I’d call my folks at home. My mama and daddy were supportive even though they were worried about me coming up here. My daddy said, ‘You can always come home. If it doesn’t work out, you can always come home.’ I’ve always remembered that.” 

The new song, appropriately titled "You Can Always Come Home" was released on Jackson's newest album, Angels and Alcohol in July. 

Jackson debuted the video for the song on Parade on October 23. The video is simple, showing a young lady moving into a new house, with the lyrics of the song written on the boxes and packages she carries inside.

But what gives the video a real personal touch is several snapshots of Jackson, his wife, and their daughters.

Look below to watch the brand-new video for Jackson's "You Can Always Come Home."

Even though the song is fairly upbeat, you may just find yourself wiping away a tear or two as you look back and reflect on the place that is "home" to you. 

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