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After 73 Years Of Marriage, Kitty Wells And Johnnie Wright Proved They Were Country's Cutest Couple

Kitty wells Songs | After 73 Years Of Marriage, Kitty Wells And Johnnie Wright Proved They Were Country's Cutest Couple | Country Music Videos
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The original Queen of Country Music found her King at a very early age.

When she was 18, Kitty Wells married 23-year-old Johnnie Wright and they turned out to be a true success story when it came to their careers, and more importantly, their marriage. 

"When I first met Kitty, I lived out in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, on a farm," Wright once said. "My sister married and moved to Nashville next door to Kitty. I brought my mother and father to visit my sister and my sister said, 'Johnnie, there's a girl who lives next door to me that plays the guitar and sings some beautiful gospel songs.' I said, 'Well, invite her over here and introduce her to me.' "

A few weeks later, he went back to ask Wells on a date and were together for two years before they eloped in 1937. After their first daughter, Ruby was born, Wright and his brother-in-law Jack Anglin formed the duo Johnnie & Jack and began touring. They had two more children, a daughter, Carol, and a son, Bobby, who started singing with his parents  at age eleven.

A music manager heard Wells singing while on the road with her husband and she eventually signed with RCA Records. While she didn't rise to fame until years later, Johnnie & Jack went on to have huge success.

In 1952, Wells recorded "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels" and since then, she's been the queen of country music.

The married couple recorded a duet album together in 1968 called We'll Stick Together. The title single became one of their most well known duets. 

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Johnnie passed away in 2011, just 33 days before his 74th wedding anniversary. He had been in failing health for some time. Kitty passed away 10 months later from complications of a stroke. 

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Below is a performance of the two of them singing "We'll Stick Together", and it is the cutest thing you'll see all day! During a musical break, Walker spins Wells around and make her laugh throughout the performance.

Such an amazing couple, both in music and in life. 

Lyrics Below

Cause we stuck together through the lean lean years
The lean and hungry years were filled with strife
Now we're still together in the green green years
And we'll still together for the rest of our life

I've seen love come and gone just like the winter's snow
I saw a boy break his darling's heart
But his love wasn't true like my live is for you
And darling I will never break your heart
Cause we stuck together...

At first it was so hard for us to make a start but we kept on trying every day
Your kisses were so sweet and you were nice to me
And darling you slipped me off my feet
Cause we stuck together...

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