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Loretta Lynn Makes Announcement Fans Have Waited 10 Years For

Loretta lynn Songs | Loretta Lynn Makes Announcement Fans Have Waited 10 Years For | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

In 2016 you can expect to hear some new music from the Queen of Country! 

Loretta Lynn will release her new album titled Full Circle on March 2, 2016. This marks Lynn's first studio album in over 10 years, and will take listeners through her very own musical journey.

Full Circle Track List:
Whispering Sea (Introduction)
Whispering Sea
Secret Love
Who’s Gonna Miss Me?
Black Jack David
Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
Always On My Mind
Wine Into Water
In The Pines
Band Of Gold
Fist City
I Never Will Marry
Everything It Takes (featuring Elvis Costello)
Lay Me Down (featuring Willie Nelson)


At 83, Lynn can't think of any better way to celebrate her long and successful career. She decided to mix all genres of music that have inspired her along the way. From Appalachian folk, to gospel, and new interpretations of her old classics, listeners will get a wide spectrum of her story.

The album was recorded at the Cash Cabin Studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee and will be released on Legacy Recordings. Fans can expect duets with Willie Nelson, and Elvis Costello on Full Circle, and visits from old classics like "Whispering Sea", which happens to be the first song Lynn ever wrote.

The very same week the album is set to release,  PBS will air a new documentary commemorating Lynn’s life and career. American Masters-Loretta Lynn: Still a Mountain Girl will premiere March 4, 2016.

Lynn's last release was her 2004 collaboration with Jack WhiteVan Lear Rose, which won two Grammy Awards including Best Country Album of the Year

Watch one of Lynn's classics included on the album, "Fist City" below! 


You've been makin' your brags around town that you've been a lovin' with my man
But the man I love when he picks up trash he puts it in a garbage can
And that's what you look like to me and what I see is a pitty
You'd better close your face and stay out of my way
If you don't wanta go to Fist City
If you don't wanna go to Fist City you'd better detour round my town
Cause I'll grab you by the hair of the head and I'll lift you off of the ground
I'm not a sayin' my baby is a saint cause he ain't
And that he won't cat around with a kitty
I'm here to tell you gal to lay off of my man if you don't wanna go to Fist City
Come on and tell me what you told my friends if you think you're brave enough
And I'll show you what a real woman is since you think you're hot stuff
You'll bite off more than you can chew if you get too cute or witty
You better move your feet if you don't wanna eat a meal that's called Fist City
If you don't wanna go to Fist City...
I'm here to tell you gal to lay off of my man if you don't wanna go to Fist City

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