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ON THIS DAY: Patsy Cline Recorded A Heartbreaking Ballad That Broke The Radio

Patsy cline Songs | ON THIS DAY: Patsy Cline Recorded A Heartbreaking Ballad That Broke The Radio | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Country Music Hall Of Fame

Over half of a century ago, one of the most popular new artists released a single that would make new records from its incredible success on the charts and forever mark a spot in history. 

On November 16th, 1960 Patsy Cline recorded one of the most memorable heartbreaking ballads in country music.

"I Fall To Pieces" was released in January 1961 and began its trek toward the slowest ascension to the No. 1 chart position any song has ever experienced. Following its sustained position at the top of the chart, it also made it's descent down the chart just as slow as its crawl to the top. 

On the night that the song was recorded, Cline had made her reservations about the song clear. Her record producer, Owen Bradley, wanted a pop ballad style from the track and Cline felt that it didn't suit her own style. In a 1977 interview, Bradley recalled that if she couldn't yodel or growl on a record, she didn't want to do it. Because of this strong opinion, they went rounds about this song.

One of the composers, Harlan Howard recalls that very recording session: 

"On the night of the session, we absolutely did NOT want to do the standard 4:4 shuffle that had by then been done to death. We were trying all kinds of other (basic rhythm) combinations, but they all just laid there and bled all over the floor. So it had to be the shuffle then, like it or not. But the amazing thing was, once Patsy got into the groove, she just caressed those lyrics and that melody so tenderly that it was just like satin. We knew we had magic in the can when, on the fourth take, every grown man in that studio was bawling like a baby and Bradley said `That's the one'."

Watch the video below for this incredible part country music history being sung live by Cline herself! 


I fall to pieces
Each time I see you again
I fall to pieces
How can I be just your friend?

You want me to act like we've never kissed
You want me to forget (to forget)
Pretend we've never met (never met)

And I've tried and I've tried
But I haven't yet
You walk by and I fall to pieces

I fall to pieces
Each time someone speaks your name (speaks your name)
I fall to pieces
Time only adds to the flame

You tell me to find someone else to love
Someone who love me too (love me too)
The way you used to do (used to do)
But each time I go out with someone new
You walk by and I fall to pieces
You walk by and I fall to pieces

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