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Lynyrd Skynyrd Captivates The Crowd With Their Debut Hit, 'Gimme Three Steps'

Lynyrd skynyrd Songs | Lynyrd Skynyrd Captivates The Crowd With Their Debut Hit, 'Gimme Three Steps' | Country Music Videos
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In 1973, the world was introduced to the soon-to-be legendary southern rock band, Lynyrd Skynyrd

The band released their debut album in November of that same year, and it was a huge success, driven by the famous tune, "Free Bird."

The album also featured the song, "Gimme Three Steps" which although it never charted, has been regarded as their first major hit.

Lynyrd Skynyrd's Ronnie Van Zant wrote the song from his real-life experience at a biker bar in Jacksonville, FL. called The Little Brown Jug. After stirring up trouble with a woman named "Linda Lu" and having a gun pulled on him, Van Zant begged for "three steps towards the door" to flee.

All the mayhem at The Jug inspired the 18-year-old to write the song on his way home. And we're glad he did!

The song was always a hit at Lynyrd Skynard shows, and in the remastered video below, the band gives their all in a performance of "Gimme Three Steps."

There is no doubt the band had just as much fun playing this song as fans did listening to it!

Check it out below, and we're sure it will blow you away.

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I was cutting the rug
Down at a place called The Jug
With a girl named Linda Lu
When in walked a man
With a gun in his hand
And he was looking for you know who.
He said, "Hey there fellow,
With the hair colored yellow,
Watcha tryin' to prove?
'Cause that's my woman there
And I'm a man who cares
And this might be all for you."

I was scared and fearing for my life.
I was shakin' like a leaf on a tree.
'Cause he was lean, mean,
Big and bad, Lord,
Pointin' that gun at me.
I said, "Wait a minute, mister,
I didn't even kiss her.
Don't want no trouble with you.
And I know you don't owe me
But I wish you'd let me
Ask one favor from you."

"Won't you give me three steps,
Gimme three steps mister,
Gimme three steps towards the door?
Gimme three steps
Gimme three steps mister,
And you'll never see me no more."

Well the crowd cleared away
And I began to pray
As the water fell on the floor.
And I'm telling you son,
Well, it ain't no fun
Staring straight down a forty-four.
Well he turned and screamed at Linda Lu
And that's the break I was looking for.
And you could hear me screaming a mile away
As I was headed out towards the door.
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