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David Allan Coe’s Daughter Pens Song Inspired By Past Difficulties

Shelli coe Songs | David Allan Coe’s Daughter Pens Song Inspired By Past Difficulties | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: iHeart Radio/Facebook: Shelli Coe

Outlaw country singer, David Allan Coe has created a legacy despite a difficult past. 

Born in Akron, Ohio, he was sent to reform school at the age of nine and was in and out of correctional facilities for the first twenty years of his life. Once he left Ohio State Penitentiary, he moved straight to Nashville and began his music career. 

Unfortunately the past has come back to haunt David and his family. David has plead guilty to one count of impeding and obstructing the due administration of the internal revenue laws. He is waiting to be sentenced, and could face up to three years in prison. He also owes the IRS nearly half a million dollars back in taxes. 

David's recent tribulations was the fuel for his daughter, Shelli Coe's most recently released single, "All They Ever Wanted Was Your Name". The Austin-based singer chose to follow in her father's footsteps, and despite the difficulty of living in her famous father's shadow she has written songs that can speak to anyone. The new song is said to have been written around 10 years ago as an open letter to her father, but Shelli insists it is something we can all relate to.

Shelli explained to Saving Country Music:

I used a real life experience to create the song, but honestly, the song could be about anyone who falls in love with someone who is not good for them. And everyone sees this and they try to warn them, but they’re just not listening because they’re in love, and love is blind.”

Shelli admitted to Saving Country Music that the song was hard to write because she hates to see the ones she loves get taken advantage of. The true heart of the song relays the message that no matter the bumps in the road, or the poor decisions someone makes along the way, we must always show love and compassion. 

Listen to Shelli's "All The Ever Wanted Was Your Name" below, along with her father's signature song "You Never Called Me By My Name". Hint: See if you can hear any similarities! Shelli incorporated part of her father's chorus into her own song.

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