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Wynonna Judd Empowers Abused Women Through Song & True Story

Wynonna judd Songs | Wynonna Judd Empowers Abused Women Through Song & True Story | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Mark Humphrey/AP Photo

Following her departure from one of country music's most celebrated and successful duos, Wynonna Judd released a song that never was launched for radio play, but brought purpose to women everywhere. Written by the other half of The Judds', Naomi Judd, the song was placed as the last track on her 1993 platinum album, Tell Me Why.

During a rash of recent twitter conversations between Wynonna and her fans, the song "That Was Yesterday" has gained newfound popularity - especially among her female fans. 

"That Was Yesterday" tells a story of a woman who has had enough of allowing a man to mistreat and wrong her. Through powerful and emotive lyrics, it weaves a vivid tale of a woman breaking the cycle of abuse. 

In a video taken from a live concert series, Wynonna tells the story of a woman who wrote to her about the amazing effect the song had on her life. 

 "A woman wrote to me about this next song. She used it to break up with her abusive husband. She packed her things, loaded them into her car, and went back in to put on my cd. She pressed repeat and then she walked out. Later that night, when he came home she wasn't there. But I was. And this is what I said...."

With that, Wynonna breaks out into the bittersweet story. But, that was all the way back in 2005. Today, one of her Twitter followers has found the video and reached out to the award-winning star about it. 

To that, the singer reminded her fan, Shirley Harrison, exactly why it's a piece she sings and gives a comforting reminder of strength.

 The performance where Wynonna told the story of the letter she received was recorded and used as part of a two-disc hits compilation album called Her Story: Scenes From A Lifetime. All of it was recorded at the Grand Ole Opry House at the single concert and features both hits from The Judds as well as her own solo career. 

Check out the story and incredible full performance in the video below!


Its finally over
But I cant even cry
So dont you give me no sweet talk
You done told your last lie

I was your puppet
Just a dancin, dancin on a string
But when the sun went down last night
Lord, it changed everything

Today I feel different
Cause now I can see
That you care more bout yourself
Than mistreatin me

It took me a long time
To figure you out
But misery and pain
Ain't what loves all about

I was your woman
But ya threw me away
I used to be your very own
Custom made, love slave
Do anything for you, little fool
But that was yesterday
That was yesterday

And so it goes
Another lesson gets learned
And in the big book of experience
Another page gets turned

Now you say you need me
Well honey, you got some nerve
I hope some sweet tomorrow
Well get what we deserve

I was your woman
But ya threw me away
I used to be your very own
Custom made, love slave
Do anything for you, little fool
But that was yesterday, ya honey
And that was yesterday

Im packing up and movin on
Your real good thing is good and gone

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