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Kid Rock Brings On The New Year With Hilarious Tune, ‘Happy New Year'

Kid rock Songs | Kid Rock Brings On The New Year With Hilarious Tune, ‘Happy New Year' | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: KidRockVideos YouTube Account

Thanks to this music video, we get a glimpse into the type of New Year's Eve parties Kid Rock would go to.

The video shows Kid Rock and his band getting ready for a show at a place called Vets Hall in a run-down town. The crowd is pretty small and he can't find anyone he finds attractive, so Kid Rock starts taking shots and chugging whiskey out of the bottle while singing "Happy New Year".

He drinks enough onstage to make him think he is at a huge, rockin' party with tons of people dancing to their music. He convinces himself that a girl in the audience is Cindy Crawford! He even imagines himself as a hot, shirtless model!

"Happy New Year" was released on his 2012 album Rebel Soul. This song is sure to get you in the mood for a fun start to the new year, and will have you singing along in no time.

Watch Kid Rock's "Happy New Year" below.

Lyrics Below

Happy New Year, Happy New Year
Let’s raise a glass, here’s to you dear
Now I was hoping that I'd find you here
Just to wish you a Happy New Year

Kiss me pretty, kiss me pretty
When that ball drops on New York City
When that clock strikes I’ll pull you near
Just to wish you Happy New Year

I’ll quit smokin’, I’ll quit eatin’
I’m not jokin’, I’ll quit cheatin’
I’ll quit cursin’, I’ll quit drinkin’
I’ll be a better person, but tonight I’m thinkin’

Let’s get shit faced, let’s get shit faced
Let’s get into trouble, let’s get outta this place
And I’ll have faith in the coast that you clear
Say you love me, Happy New Year

Where’s my car keys? Where’s my car keys?
My place ain’t too far, we can crawl on our knees
What we’re feelin’ we can’t do here
Sexual healing Happy New Year

I know your thinkin’ I must be crazy
Don’t sweat that small stuff, kiss me baby
Yeah it’s September, but with you here
Every night is a Happy New Year

Happy New Year Happy New Year
Let’s raise a glass, cheers to you dear
I’m so glad that I found you here
So you could be my Happy New Year


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