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Hank Williams III Sounds Like Grandfather In Performance of 'Howlin' At The Moon'

Hank williams iii Songs | Hank Williams III Sounds Like Grandfather In Performance of 'Howlin' At The Moon' | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: (Left) Rolling Stone/(Right) Robert Mora/Getty Images

Years after Hank Williams Sr. released his hit song "Howlin' At The Moon," his grandson, Hank III, continues to honor his grandfather's legacy by regularly performing the song. 

"Howlin' At The Moon" was written by Hank Sr. and was recorded on March 16, 1951. The song, which comically tells the tale of a man who's fallen in love, peaked at the third spot on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart following its release.

In 2003, 50 years after Hank Sr.'s death, the Grand Ole Opry paid tribute to him during a series of special performances. Both Hank III and Hank Jr. took to the stage to honor their legendary ancestor, with Hank III performing his rendition of "Howlin' At The Moon."

On 2010, Hank III performed the song yet again during an appearance on The Marty Stuart Show

Surrounded by a band of classic country instruments, including a fiddle and cello, Hank III croons into the microphone in his grandfather's signature style. In fact, Hank III sounds so much like his grandfather that if you didn't know any better, you'd think it really was the great Hank Sr. singing. 

The crowd couldn't contain their excitement during the performance, cheering for Hank III in the middle of the song. Even Marty got into it, clapping his hands along to the beat. Once Hank III finished singing, the crowd erupted into a well-deserved round of cheers and applause.

You can watch Hank III's energetic, live performance of his grandfather's hit song "Howlin' At The Moon" in the video below.

We think Hank Sr. would be proud of his grandson for performing his song so well!


I know there's never been a man in the awful shape I'm in
I can't even spell my name, my heads in such a spin
To-day I tried to eat a steak with a big old table-spoon
You got me chasin' Rabbits, walkin' on my hands
...And Howlin' At The Moon.

Well, I took one look at you and it almost drove me mad
And then I even went and lost what little sense I had
Now I can't tell the day from night, I'm crazy as a loon
You got me chasin' Rabbits, pullin' out my hair and Howlin' At The Moon.

Some friends of mine asked me to go out on a huntin' spree
'Cause there ain't a hound dog in this state that can hold a light to me
I eat three bones for dinner today, then tried to tree a 'Coon
You got me chasin' Rabbits, scratchin' fleas and Howlin' At The Moon.

I rode my horse to town to day and a gas pump we did pass
I pulled 'im up and I hollered WHOA!, said fill 'im up with gas
The man picked up a monkey wrench and WHAM!, he changed my tune
You got me chasin' Rabbits, spittin' out teeth and Howlin' At The Moon.

I never thought in this old world a fool could fall so hard
But honey baby, when I fell the whole world must have jarred
I think I'd quit my doggish ways if you'd take me for your groom
You got me chasin Rabbits, pickin' out rings and Howlin' At The Moon
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