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LeAnn Rimes Exposes Difficult Parts Of Child Stardom

Modern country Songs | LeAnn Rimes Exposes Difficult Parts Of Child Stardom | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: ABC/RealityTVMagazine

One of the most beloved country stars to have emerged since the 90s began her career at an incredibly young age.

LeAnn Rimes started singing on stage when she was just 5-years-old and signed her first record deal at just 11. Two years later, she scored a huge hit with her Patsy Cline-style vocals on Bill Mack's "Blue"

Although the rush of stardom was entrancing for the youngster, Rimes admits that most of her childhood was spent on stage. 

"There isn't a moment when I don't remember entertaining...or being in front of people, " she said. "When you’re 11 and signing a record deal, you think that it’s really cool,” adding that it's difficult for young kids to understand the gravity that choice will have on their lives. 

Rimes has often considered alternate career paths and even revealed that she believed she would be a female baseball player when she was little. 

"I had all of these options as a kid, but music ultimately is...what my path is," she said.

At 14-years-old, she received her first Grammy and followed it up with her wildly popular second album in 1997. Having taken great strides to find the balance between her career and her home life, the singer shared her current focus with The Tribune News

"Right now, my music and my family are my two big focuses," Rimes said. "I'm diving deeper into my songwriting. Everything in my life has given me this big, empathetic heart [with which] to communicate my music."

When LeAnn Rimes stepped into the spotlight with "Blue", everyone in the music industry proclaimed her as Patsy Cline's successor for her unique natural talent and voice that resembled the country legend. Interestingly, Cline also rose to fame as a child and began singing on local radio stations at just 15. 

Watch Rimes sing "Blue" on Prime Time Country in 1996 below!


Oh, so lonesome for you
Why can't you be blue over me

Oh, so lonesome for you
Tears fill my eyes till I can't see

Three o'clock in the morning
Here am I
Sittin' here so lonely
So lonesome I could cry

Oh, so lonesome for you
Why can't you be blue over me

Now that it's over
I realized
Those weak words you whispered were nothin' but lies

Blue oh, so lonesome for you
Why can't you be blue over me
Why can't you be blue over me

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