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Priscilla Presley Feels She Lost Her Teen Years To Elvis, But Was It Worth It?

Priscilla presley Songs | Priscilla Presley Feels She Lost Her Teen Years To Elvis, But Was It Worth It? | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Corbis Images via Pop Sugar

At the age of 14, Priscilla Presley met the man she would one day call her husband. It just so happened that man was one of the world's greatest superstars at the time...Elvis Presley

The couple's first meeting was in Germany, where Priscilla lived and Elvis was stationed in the Army at the time. They kept up their relationship while Elvis was there, but after he went back home the couple went two years without seeing one another. It was then at the age of 16 that Priscilla made her first visit to see Elvis. 

Eventually, Priscilla's first visit led to yet another, and in 1963 her parents gave her permission to permanently move to Graceland to be with Elvis, despite her age.

"My parents felt safe, and they should have done," says Priscilla in an interview with The Guardian, "because Elvis was very respectful of me, he knew how old I was."

Nowadays, the situation seems a bit odd, but as Priscilla says, no one really knew about the arrangement.

"We were very careful. I wasn’t out in public really," she says.

When asked if she thought there was anything strange about their living arrangements, Priscilla was quick to respond. "Knowing Elvis, and his kid spirit and his boyishness, no I don't. I think it would be strange if it wasn’t Elvis."

Still, Priscilla admits she feels as though she lost her teenage years as a result of living with Elvis. However, Priscilla also says she has absolutely no regrets about that part of her life.

"But was it worth it? It was so worth it. I missed my teenage years but I was in a whole other life..."

The couple eventually married on May 1, 1967, a few days before Priscilla turned 22. In the following year Priscilla gave birth to their only child, Lisa Marie.

It's no secret that Elvis and Priscilla's relationship was less than perfect, and the couple divorced in 1973, though they remained friends until Elvis' death. After he passed away, Priscilla helped his legacy live on by playing a major role in turning his Graceland estate into a major tourist attraction. To this date, Priscilla continues to contribute to Elvis' legacy by constantly talking about him and his music. 

Sometimes, Priscilla wonders if Elvis would like some of the projects she does pertaining to his music, but says she can almost sense him giving her his support.

"My mind goes 'Am I doing the right thing?' But then I think: 'Yes, yes, I am. I know I am,'" she says. "It’s as if Elvis is guiding me. I’m being guided by this energy."

We certainly have Priscilla to thank for her part in helping create Elvis' posthumous album If I Can Dream: Elvis Presley With the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, which includes digitally remastered versions of Elvis' vocals along with new instrumentals. One of the songs on the album is a remastered version of "American Trilogy," which you can listen to below.

What do you think of the things Priscilla had to say about her relationship with Elvis?

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