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Loretta Lynn Comes Clean About Pre-Fame Scuffle With Husband Doo Lynn

Loretta lynn Songs | Loretta Lynn Comes Clean About Pre-Fame Scuffle With Husband Doo Lynn | Country Music Videos
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It's no secret that Loretta Lynn and her husband, Doo, had a rocky marriage at times. Loretta wrote about the couple's struggles in her two memoirs, Coal Miner's Daughter and Still Woman Enough, and their relationship also inspired many of her songs. 

In January, 1948, Loretta and Doo were married when Loretta was only 15 years old. Long before Loretta achieved country superstardom, the couple moved to Washington state so Doo could search for better work opportunities.

In the early 1950s, the couple already had four children, and Loretta had stayed home one Saturday to take care of them while she waited on Doo to come pick her up for a night out.

During a recent interview with The New York Times to promote her upcoming album, Full Circle, Loretta opened up about what happened on that Saturday night.

"Doo had told me he was going to take me somewhere on Saturday night," she said. "I had my hair all pin-curled up, and he came in, and he was drinking. And I knew he wasn’t going to take me nowhere."

Loretta turned to walk away from Doo, but he grabbed on to her, so she fought back. However, the whole situation didn't go as she planned:

"And I came around with my fist to hit him on the shoulder, but I hit him in the mouth and knocked three teeth out. There was a hardwood floor, and, I’m telling you, the teeth broke into tiny little pieces and it seemed like they just kept falling. Click-clack-clack-clack. I thought: 'I’m dead. I am dead. I am completely dead.' But you know, he never said a word...I really didn't mean to knock his teeth out."

Despite the couple's struggles, Doo was the one who encouraged Loretta to pursue a career in country music, and they remained together for 48 years, until Doo's death in 1996. Doo also helped inspire some of Loretta's biggest hits, such as her first number one "Don't Come Home A-Drinkin'."

"I wrote songs about how I was feeling at the time," Loretta said. "If I was in a fighting mood about some old gal trying to take my husband, I wrote about it. And she knew about it. The whole world knew about it then."

Loretta has always been an expert at capturing her feelings in the songs she writes. One of the tracks on her new album, called "Who's Gonna Miss Me?" is a song in which the narrator worries over whether or not they will be remembered for their accomplishments. With a career that has spanned over 50 years, the subject is surely one that weighs heavy on Loretta's mind.

You can listen to Loretta's new song, "Who's Gonna Miss Me?" below.

We'd say that Loretta has no need to worry about being remembered, because she has written and recorded so many songs that resonate with multiple generations.

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