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'American Idol' Winner Trent Harmon Takes Off On Wild Road Trip In Debut Music Video

Trent harmon Songs | 'American Idol' Winner Trent Harmon Takes Off On Wild Road Trip In Debut Music Video | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Trent Harmon Vevo

After he became the final contestant to win American Idol, Trent Harmon had to choose which direction he wanted to take his career. In interviews following his big win, Harmon described his personal style as "country soul," and revealed his plans to make his debut album a country record.

Harmon grew up on a farm in Mississippi, and he is a huge fan of country music. He covered Chris Stapleton's "Tennessee Whiskey," on Idol, which was a big hit. Just like he did with his pop covers on the show, Harmon gave the song a soulful spin that made it completely his own.

For Harmon, nothing feels more natural than singing soulfully. So fans can expect to hear some soulful influence on his debut country album. That influence comes through strong in his debut single, "There's a Girl." 

On Monday (July 11), Harmon released the song's music video, which opens with a shot of him driving a tractor. As the video continues, Harmon switches up his forms of transportation several times, hopping in a vintage car, climbing on a bike, and hitchhiking a ride. But why does he go to all of that effort? To go see his girl, of course.

Harmon co-wrote the song, and it's actually semi-autobiographical. As Harmon told Rolling Stone, he once drove hundreds of miles to see a girl he liked, only to realize he had lost his chance with her.

Despite the sad backstory behind "There's a Girl," the song and the music video have a much happier ending. The whole point is to show the efforts someone will go to for the person they love, as Harmon explained. "'There's a Girl' is my favorite song I've written to date," he said. "We crafted a positive outcome because it's truly crazy what a man will do when he's in love."

Harmon certainly does some crazy things to see the person he loves in his music video for his debut single. You can check it out below!

Knowing how well Harmon did on Idol, and after listening to this song, we have a feeling he'll be right at home in country music. 

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