Glen Campbell Has Reached Final Stage of Alzheimer’s, Reports Wife

Glen Campbell Has Reached Final Stage of Alzheimer’s, Reports Wife | Country Music Videos

Channel 10 News


The journey through Alzheimer’s disease hasn’t been easy for Glen Campbell and his family. The country music legend chose to share his personal life with the public, as he always did. Now five years after his first diagnosis, Glen is in the final stages of Alzheimer’s. 

Campbell decided to do a farewell tour in 2012 to say goodbye to fans, and in 2014 the film Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me was released. The documentary shed a light on the living with the disease and his final tour. After the tour, it was time for Campbell to spend the remaining time at home with his loved ones. 

Unfortunately, caregiving became near impossible for the Campbell family to do on their own, sparking the idea to move Glen into a memory care facility. The family moved him there late last year (2015) and have since reported that he is doing well. 

In an interview with Channel 10 News in Tampa Bay, Florida, Glen’s wife, Kim Woollen Campbell discussed the hardships they have faced in dealing with the disease, and an update on Glen’s overall health. 

According to Channel 10 News, Glen is in stage 7 of the disease. 

Kim reports that the memory care community has supported their entire family during the later stages of the disease, and how grateful she is for everything they have done to help her family.

“[During this last stage of Alzheimers] he’s healthy, he’s content, and he’s lost most of his ability to communicate verbally. But he still understands the universal language of smiles and kisses.”

Despite their hardship, the Campbell family has remained positive and continues to push forward – making Glen’s health and happiness their main focus. Watch the full interview below.