Cam Admits That ‘Burning House’ Is An Embarrassing Song

Cam Admits That ‘Burning House’ Is An Embarrassing Song | Country Music Videos

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One of the biggest female talents to hit Nashville in the last year is Cam who found sudden fame with her Grammy nominated hit “Burning House.” A songwriter long before her voice hit country radio, Cam wrote songs based on her own personal experiences. Such is the case with “Burning House”, a song inspired by events that transpired while on a trip to Nepal.

“I went through a volunteer organization,” Cam told “There was a lot that that trip did for me. Meeting people who have a lot less than we do in America…And yet they’re just so happy. It also helped me value the idea of slowing down. The south is really good at this too: if you see someone you know, you stop and have a conversation.”

“When I was on that trip, my boyfriend at the time was supposed to come meet me, and we were going to do some traveling. The day before he was supposed to come, I told him, ‘If you come, we’re just going to be friends.’ And I told him over email. And it wasn’t very nice. And that was the breakup that I felt so bad about, that I had that dream about a burning house.”

On Monday (March 14), Cam made her Australian television debut where she sang her debut hit. Following her performance, she was asked by the show’s hosts if she knew that she had a hit on her hands when she first recorded it. The singer responded that she remembers thinking that “Burning House” wasn’t good enough and even admitted that singing the song is embarrassing. 

“You try to make it as good as you can make it, and also it’s kind of very vulnerable so it’s sort of embarrassing to talk about. That’s probably also why I get extra nervous about it and then what’s really great when you share it with people and they come back and share their stories about how they’ve been hurt or feel guilty or remorseful and you feel less alone.”

The singer, born Cameron Marvel Ochs, also shared why she uses the stage name of Cam the the Australian hosts compared her to other one-named stars like Adele and Elvis. 

“I kind of see it as being friendly. These are all my stories. I write all these songs, so you know me a little bit more. I think it’s familiar just to go by what my friends would call me. But, Elvis isn’t bad either,” Cam joked.

Watch Cam’s performance of “Burning House” and see her interview on Australia’s The Morning Show below. And, be sure to tune in to the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday, April 3 where Cam is up for four awards including New Female Vocalist of the Year, Single Record of the Year, Video of the Year, and Song of the Year.

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