Missy Robertson Reveals Devastating News Following Flood

Missy Robertson Reveals Devastating News Following Flood | Country Music Videos



The town of West Monroe has taken on more than 25 inches of rain. Residents have been working tirelessly to help one another with flooding damage, the Duck Dynasty cast included.

In a blog post, Missy Robertson revealed that her grandmother’s house was flooded beyond repair.

“The rapid rise of water has forced people out of their homes and business,” she writes. “My grandmother’s house was one of the first to go.”

Luckily, her grandmother now lives at a nursing home, so she was not there during the flooding. The Robertsons do use the house to store merchandise for their Mia Moo Fund, along with many other business items. 

The community banded together and they sandbagged the outside of the house to prevent water from entering, but they were unsuccessful. Her grandmother’s house was now sitting under a foot of water, which continued to rise.

Since the house was already flooded, they decided to pack up all of the sandbags into a trailer and take it to homes that still had a chance to be saved.

She received help from so many people including members from four different churches and the Duck Dynasty film crew.

Missy tried to repay all her neighbors for all the help they provided by offering to buy pizza and then offering to cook them dinner soon. Everyone declined and Missy asked, “What can I do? ‘Thank you’ just isn’t enough.”

A man named Matt replied, “We’re the body of Christ. It’s just what we do for each other.

What a powerful statement. Missy writes that he left immediately after to go help another family and was astounded by what he said to her.

“You know what’s even greater than that? He’s not the only one,” she continues.

The people of West Monroe all helped each other, offering their boats, canoes and kayaks to neighbors, hot meals, and even rooms in their homes.

Our continued prayers go out to everyone affected by the flood.

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