Dolly Parton Reveals Difficulties Performing Since Her Mother’s Death

Dolly Parton Reveals Difficulties Performing Since Her Mother’s Death | Country Music Videos

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Dolly Parton‘s “Coat of Many Colors” tells the personal story of her childhood, and how her mama stitched a coat for her out of various rags and scraps. Since the Parton family was poor, the brightly-colored coat was one of Parton’s prized possessions.

When Parton thinks about her “Coat of Many Colors,” she is reminded of her mama and the power of her love. Parton’s relationship with her mother was made the focal point of the hit TV movie named after the song, and gave fans a look at how close they were. 

When Parton’s mother passed away in 2003, she had a tough time performing “Coat of Many Colors” on stage. In the months right after her mother’s death, Parton couldn’t even bring herself to sing the song, knowing her emotions would get the better of her. 

When she passed away I could not sing that song for probably three to six months without crying when I was singing it,” she tells WENN. “Seriously, I could not sing that song without thinking of everything my momma had ever done to make us all feel loved.

Parton admits that even now, she sometimes finds it hard to perform “Coat of Many Colors,” and will remove it from her set list depending on her mood the day of the performance.

Every time I sing that song it depends on what kind of place I’m at in my life,” she says. 

Parton also shared that when the Coat of Many Colors movie was finished, she asked to have a private screening because she knew it would make her an emotional wreck. She got her wish, and Parton and her sister Stella bonded and cried over the film.

We just cried our eyes out,” Parton said. “When we got out of the car and walking up the steps we were thinking, ‘We’re going in here to watch ourselves, watch our family, mom and daddy.’

How sweet is that? You can tune in below to watch Parton perform “Coat of Many Colors” on The Voice, shortly before the release of the film.

We’re sure Parton must miss her mama so much, but her love and legacy will forever live on through song.

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