Rory Feek Shares The Sacrifices Joey Made Before Her Death

Rory Feek Shares The Sacrifices Joey Made Before Her Death | Country Music Videos

Rory Feek/This Life I Live

Rory Feek continues to adjust to life without his wife Joey who passed away earlier this month from cervical cancer. The country duo known as Joey+Rory were married 14 years at the time of Joey’s death and shared a 2-year old daughter, Indiana, who has down syndrome. As Rory and Indiana celebrate their first Easter without Joey, Rory shares in a new blog post that Indy hasn’t asked for her mom since her passing on March 4. 

“Indy has not asked for her mama. Not one single time since Joey’s been gone,” Rory wrote. “It’s almost as if she hasn’t noticed that she’s not here. And that is so sad… and oh, so wonderful – all at the same time.”

Rory goes on to share that there is a reason that Indy isn’t missing her mom and is so attached to Rory…because that’s how Joey wanted it to be. In early November, when Joey realized that she wouldn’t be winning her cancer battle, she chose to sacrifice time with Indy to ensure that the 2-year old would have a strong relationship with Rory…something that would carry both Rory and Indy long after Joey’s death. 

“And she started going against everything in her being that told her ‘time was short’ so hold her baby even tighter… and longer… and more… and instead – she handed the baby to me, and sat alone in a bed and watched and listened as my relationship with Indy grew…and hers lessoned.”

“Who does that?  Who has that kind of strength and character?  Not me, that’s for sure.  I would’ve taken the low, easy road… the one that served me more.  I would’ve tried to make the ties with our baby stronger and her love for me deeper so that she wouldn’t forget me… and in the end, probably left our baby wrecked with grief over the loss of the one person she loved and needed most.  But not Joey.  She let Indy fall more in love with me…and less in love with her.  She carried the pain on her own shoulders, to try to keep it off of mine.  And even more so, off of Indy’s.”

Rory states that while Indy and Joey shared many precious moments in her final months, Indy’s relationship with Rory grew stronger just as Joey wanted. And while Indy may not remember her mom in the years to come, Rory promises to give Indiana memories through photos and videos that he has taken over the years. 

“She may not realize right now how incredible her mama is, but she will. I have made a career out of documenting our lives, and her mother… with songs and video and pictures and they are everywhere. I will play them for her. And tucked away in her little heart will be all of the beautiful memories of these first two years that she has shared with her mama and when the time is right, she will find them and they will make her smile.”

Happy Easter to Rory and Indy. Thank you for sharing Joey with us. 

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